I See You Shiver With Antici...

rocky horror 1.jpg

You’re coming right?

I hope you can make it! Meet us at the Mission Point Theater this Friday (October 25th) at midnight.

And don’t worry about collecting all the props you’ll need in order to fully participate - we’ll have prop bags for sale at the theater. Snacks, too…

Can you dress up? Absolutely! That’s half the fun of Rocky Horror. Dust off that corset, dig out your fishnet stockings and come ready to sing your heart out. You won’t regret it….

Making Me Smile

kyle & justin.jpg

I was lucky enough to meet Justin and Kyle this summer when we were all walking near the top of Fort Hill. After chatting for a few minutes, I asked them why Mackinac Island was special to them.

“We fell in love on Mackinac.” Justin answered, smiling. “I’ll never be able to think about the island without thinking about Kyle.”  So sweet. I just love how Mackinac has a way of bringing people together.

Do you have an Island love story? I’m a sucker for a good romance, so send a picture and your story to me at Liz@straitspride(dot)org and I’ll share a few of them here…

Annual Meeting

straits pride stickers.jpg

Last week Straits Pride held our very first annual meeting. (The first of many!) While Straits Pride may have only existed for six months, we have made quite a splash. The amount of support visitors, locals and sponsors have given us has been overwhelming, and we are super excited about what’s yet to come. Thank you to everyone who has supported our mission of providing advocacy, support, understanding and visibility for the LGBTQ community of the Straits area. We couldn’t do it without your help!

Coffee Hour

Coffee Hour 6/22/19

Yesterday Straits Pride held our first Coffee Hour at the Watercolor Cafe. The coffee was wonderful, the cookies were amazing, and you couldn’t have asked for better company.

We’ll be there again on Monday, August fifth, from six to nine pm. Please, come join us. Not interested in coffee, cookies or company? Come anyway; you can tuck into a quiet corner and de-stress with some paper and a set of colored pencils. Trust me…